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As a family business, we want to help and support parents in their new challenges and adventures with our experience and products. Right from the start, parents contribute to their little one growing up healthy and happy surrounded by their love and care.


When developing our products, we focus on optimal support for babies and toddlers, making everyday life easier for parents. Perfectly adapted to the specific needs of the various ages and stages of development of your baby. Giving our customers the best product quality for a fair price lies at the heart of what we do. The sign of our quality “Made in Germany” provides a high level of safety and quality, based on many years of experience and tradition in the market for baby products.


Since 1932, we have been developing our products in close cooperation with scientists, doctors, and midwives and in accordance with the latest medical and technical knowledge. All of our products offer maximum safety and quality. We are also a family. Our products come from the heart.

From families for families.


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